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13/02/2016 - 20/02/2016

e x h i b i t i o n  :
W o r k   I n   P r o g r e s s   ' 1 6    s h o w   @  
G u l b e n k i a n   G a l l e r y ,   R o y a l   C o l l e g e   o f   A r t  ,  L o n d o n


As my second year at the Royal College of Art reached its mid-point, I showed my works-in-progress amongst my peers in the School of Communication. 

It was a valuable chance to reconsider my visual presentation, identity and my political message- at a crucial point in my project.


05/09/2015 - 23/12/2015

F o u r   M o n t h   E x c h a n g e  @ 
K y o t o   C i t y   U n i v e r s i t y   o f   T h e   A r t s    
-   J a p a n 


Researching the Trans Pacific Partnership trade agreement and comic culture, I created two pieces of work- both unfinished- one documenting my findings on TPP in Japan, and the other, a fantasy, using fanfiction as a vehicle for narrative. 


I realised I am fearful for the political state of the fanwork in Japan- until now fanwork has been allowed to flourish by both society and law, despite technically remaining legally ambivalent. Once TPP is passed, and as a result, Japan's trade laws become equal with that of the U.S., there is a high likelihood that all forms of fanwork, Cosplay, Doujinshi, Fanart, Fanvidding, etc- will be prosecutable by law. 

Now, this frightens me, because myself and many of my colleagues have developed their creative vocabulary through fanwork not dissimilar to that which will soon become illegal in Japan. Whilst we had to commit these crimes clandestinely, Japanese fanartists push an estimated $800m into the Manga industry p/a, so it's no wonder they're not prosecuted against.

You can find out more at my research blog

Besides this- I bought my own weight in Doujinshi (manga style fancomics sold in Japan), visited hundreds of shrines and temples, practiced kobudo and karate in Okinawa with masters, visited cat cafes, maid cafes, manga cafes, danced with cosplayers and petted sacred deer. 


E x h i b i t i o n    i n    B r i c k    L a n e    G a l l e r y ,  L o n d o n 


On the 9th of July myself and and a handful of fabulous visual communicators from my BA course in Cardiff opened our long-awaited external exhibition in Brick Lane, London. We scrimped and schemed for eight months to raise funds to rent the gallery space and our efforts paid off. I'm sure the images will speak for themselves- as good images should.


(I feature here as my drag persona, Ivy Profen.)



13/12/2015 - 20/12/2015

E x h i b i t i o n   :   
@ K C U A   G a l l e r y 
K y o t o,  
J a p a n  


As a result of the copyright and TPP-related work I created in Japan, I had the opportunity to exhibit in @KCUA gallery, Kyoto.



W e e k - l o n g   w o r k s h o p  
@  F U M E T T O   f e s t i v a l  
L u c e r n e ,   S w i t z e r l a n d 
E R I K   L O Y E R   o n   M O T I O N   C O M I C S   


I was lucky enough to win a place on Erik Loyer's Motion Comic Workshop @ the annual Fumetto Festival.


This year the festival was held in Lucerne, so I was able to visit Switzerland for the first time, where my usual expectations of chocolate went up six measures... but where I also learnt how to design, write, plan and execute a motion comic.

The project I conducted was Loading. . ., it isn't finished at present, but I have featured the work in progress on this website.


E x h i b i t i o n    i n   T h e   H o c k n e y   G a l l e r y,
R o y a l   C o l l e g e   o f   A r t  ,  L o n d o n
A   P E N   C A N   B U I L D   F A S T E R   T H A N   A   H A M M E R


The Royal College of Art Illustrator's society, ILLINFORMED, hosted an exhibition on the subject of teaching art and design, and learning using art and design in other fields. 




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